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What is Astronaut VistA

Astronaut VistA is a package that installs one of several different versions of VistA (currently available versions are Astronaut WorldVistA and Astronaut OpenVistA) in an integrated fashion.

Astronaut packages the servers, clients, and auxiliary modules so that they are able to function together seamlessly.

The Astronaut OpenVistA server can accept connections from both the TMG-CPRS client (for Windows) and the OpenVistA-CIS client (for Windows and Linux). The Astronaut WorldVistA server can accept connections from the TMG-CPRS client but not from the OpenVistA-CIS client.

Installation Instructions

After choosing whether to use the Astronaut WorldVistA or the Astronaut OpenVistA version, select whether a Debian/Ubuntu (.deb) based operating system or a RedHat/Fedora/CentOS (.rpm) based operating system will be used to host the server modules.

Astronaut WorldVistA server installers

Astronaut OpenVistA server installers

  • A walkthrough installation of Astronaut OpenVistA (along with the Kubuntu Ultimate Server) can be found here.

Astronaut VistA client installers

Additional installation resources

Server functions

The VistA server functions are generally configured from a text interface. The VistA server is very flexible and powerful, and therefore can seem complex to customize and daunting for new users.

Accessing the interface is possible in several ways:


Then see

Astronaut Features

Depending on the version of Astronaut used, these features may be available:

Feedback and contributions

Note: Ubuntu Doctors Guild only allows user contributions submitted here. However, these instructions have also been copied to Vistapedia, where users can edit or contribute to them.

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