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The installers that Astronaut uses are packaged for one of several Linux operating systems.

A virtual machine (installed in Windows) will be used to run the VistA server using an Ubuntu server operating system within the virtual machine. While you can install any operating system as the "guest OS" within a virtual machine, these instructions are oriented towards using Ubuntu as the guest OS and the use of the corresponding (.deb) version of the Astronaut VistA server installer.

The VistA clients (which are Windows-based) will then be able to directly access the Ubuntu / VistA server running in the virtual machine.

In this fashion, an entire self-contained VistA EHR can be created and run on a single computer.


Install Astronaut WorldVistA server in a virtual machine on Windows

There are several choices of virtual machine programs available for Windows in which the Ubuntu / VistA server can be run.


VirtualBox (by Sun) has a free proprietary edition as well as a subscription-based enterprise edition. The free edition only allows the usage of a 32-bit operating system (as the guest OS) whereas the subscription edition allows a 64-bit guest OS. (There is a free open source edition, but installing it in Windows is not very easy (unlike in Linux).) It is possible to convert virtual machines created in VirtualBox to VMWare and vice versa.

I found both the installation process and the interface for VirtualBox very user-friendly, so it is my preferred solution for stand-alone systems and for smaller networks.



Other virtual machines

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